Congratulations! Now that you’ve been fitted for your new Bisou Lingerie bra, let’s make sure you know what to do next...


FEEL: Breaking in a well-fitted bra can take a few weeks. Just like shoes, they have a breaking-in process before they feel comfortable, especially if you have been wearing something with a loose fit in the past. Your new, properly-fitted bra will feel tight. Wear it for a few hours a day during the breaking-in period. It may take a few weeks to adjust to a correctly-sized bra.


CARE: HAND WASH your new bra to soften the new fabric. This will greatly extend the life of your new bras and will ensure that they remain comfortable and in good shape. Heat expands metal and shrinks material so using a washer and dryer can cause your wires to pop out.


WEAR: If you are able, put your bra on by placing your arms through the straps and lean forward so you fall into the cups. Fasten the hooks and do your 3 S”s (Scoop, Swoop, Split) to make sure the wire is sitting around your breast, not on your breast. If you “hook and spin” your bra it can bend the wires out of shape. If you need to do this due to mobility problems, use talc on your skin to make it slide easier. Never pull your bra on already hooked.


You may find you have pressure marks on your skin when you remove your new bra. This is normal and just like the marks you get from socks or wristwatches, they will fade once the bra is removed. But is it too tight? You should be able to run your fingers under the band at the back with a bit of stretch. If we helped you with your fitting, you’ll have a new bra that is just right for you — follow the instructions for breaking it in and give yourself time to adjust.


If you have questions, please give us a call at (262) 653-0112.


Thank you for choosing Bisou Lingerie. We look forward to your next visit!